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Weekly New York Wine News — March 30, 2015


Assistant Vineyard Manager Donna Rudolph working in the vineyard (Photo via Bedell Cellars’ Facebook) NEWS The Leader – 3/24/2015 Senator Schumer believes that the long cold winter may again justify federal aid for NY wine producers. Albany Times Union – 3/24/2015 Republican State Senetor Phil Boyle from Long Island signs on to bill to keep State Liquor Authority from enforcing the adult beverage laws of other states. Dan’s Papers – 3/24/2015 The Damianos Family sells 87 acres on Long Island and will continue to work vineyards until new owners are ready to establish their own wine farm. Auburn Citizen – 3/25/2015 Two…

Op-Ed: Some Thoughts on Local Terroir (by Jim Silver, GM, Peconic Bay Winery)


As the head of a winery, I am very frequently asked about terroir.  Does the concept really exist?  Is it real? Of course it is, I answer, but it’s difficult to understand.  But, it has actually helped me to define myself while I strive to better my knowledge of wines.  Finding terroir in wine is an existential and personal study, and very rewarding. For me, it sharpens the mind — here your senses are tested along with your memory, as you try to find nuances in a wine, and categorize them.  While you sniff and swirl the glass, you are…

WTN: Comtesse Therese 70% Cabernet Sauvignon 30% Cabernet Franc (North Fork)


Some of the wines that display Long Island’s true nature–terroir if you will–are actually red blends, not the varietal merlots that are often lauded as the region’s best. I know, shocking. I should be strung up for suggesting such a thing. Of course not all blends are created equal. There are more than enough wines that fall into the "meritage" catetory that seem more like a way to use up extra lots of lesser reds than anything else. Theresa Dilworth, co-owner of and head winemaker for Comtesse Therese isn’t making one of those. This blandly named but far-from-bland blend of…