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Wine Blogging Wednesday Goes German

I got a very cool email over the weekend that Wine Blogging Wednesday is going German. Thomas from WinzerBlog tells me that it’s going to start this week under the name Weinrallye with about 10 entries expected. They also have a very fun theme in mind: "The first topic will be ‘a wine from a island.’ And, the next 8 rallyes are already given away to other German wine bloggers :-)" Pretty cool huh? Don’t forget, the original Wine Blogging Wednesday is happening this week as well. The theme is Spanish wines under $10.

Wine Blogging Wednesday #35 Announced: Passionate Spain


So a few people have complained about the last few themes for Wine Blogging Wednesday. First you moaned about having to drink box wines. Then you said that wines from the Midi were too hard to find. And finally, you complained about the prices on Washington State cabernet sauvignon. Well guys, the July theme is for you. The wines for WBW #35: Passionate Spain are easy to find, you can pick a white or red wine, and Michelle, our host, wants us to spend $10 or less. Easy right? So, join us on July 11 for WBW #35.

WBW #34: Washington Cabernet Sauvignon: Ex Libris 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon


It’s Wednesday and I’m drinking wine virtually chosen by another person, so it must be Wine Blogging Wednesday, this time hosted by Catie from the Through the Walla Walla Grape Vine blog. The theme, fittingly enough, is cabernet sauvignon from Washington State, with Catie offering up extra kudos for anyone tasting a Walla Walla wine. Unfortunately, there won’t be any brownie points coming my way. Try as I might, I wasn’t able to find a varietal cabernet sauvignon from Walla Walla. So, I went with this Ex Libris 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon from Columbia Valley ($20). Ex Libris means "from the…

WBW #34 Announced: Washington Cabernet


Washington wines…we’ve all ready about them in books, magazines and blogs, but have we really taken a hard look at them? I know that I haven’t, though I’ve had some terrific ones over the years. The 34th edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, hosted by Through the Walla Walla Grape Vine will force us to look at Washington wines — Washington cabernet sauvignon in particular. Originally, Catherine wanted to focus soley on her bread and butter — Walla Walla wines. But, that can be tough for people outside of metro areas. Besides, If I don’t get to do Long Island, she…

WBW #33: Château de la Casenove 2004 Masia M


Wines like this one are what make Wine Blogging Wednesday so great. You see, my knowledge of French wine is mediocre at best and my knowledge of wines from the Midi is even more limited. Actually, I know next to nothing other than that it’s hot there and there are lots of bargain wines being made there. And, when I think hot regions, I think about the plush, fruit bomb wines of Australia and parts of California. As you may have guessed based on the wines I typically review and drink, those wines are not my cup of tea. And…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #33 Announced: Mid-Priced Wines from the Midi


Well folks, it looks like I’m not going to be able to drink a New York wine for WBW #33, hosted this time around by Doktor Weinolb. The theme is wines from the southern French region of Languedoc-Roussillon (which is often referred to as the Midi). It’s not that simple though. Marcus wants to highlight the mid-priced wines of the region, so your wine of choice should be between $15 and $30 bucks. This is a region that I haven’t explored much at all. But, I’ll certainly enjoy seeing what I can find in local shops. Something tells me that…

WBW #32: Regular vs. Reserve


Today is the second Wednesday of the month, and lately that means it’s Wine Blogging Wednesday. This month’s edition–the events 32nd–is hosted by The Wine Cask Blog, which has asked participants to compare two wines from the same winery and same vintage, but one a ‘regular’ bottling and the other a ‘reserve.’ Definitely a fun concept and one I looked forward to. Rather than just do one comparison, I decided to do two pairs–one white, one red, one from the Finger Lakes, one from Long Island. Starting with the whites, I tasted and compared two 2005 chardonnays from Treleaven Wines…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #32 Announced — Regular vs. Reserve

Wine Blogging Wednesday is heading into it’s 32nd edition on April 11 and the theme is one that I’m really looking forward to–Regular vs. Reserve. The premise is simple, buy two bottles of the same varietal from the same producer, one the ‘regular’ bottling and the other the ‘reserve’ and see how the juice inside those bottles differ. Which do you prefer? Is the ‘reserve’ bottling worth the higher price? I expect that we’ll see a wide array of wines involved and I hope that a lot of people participate. Reserve wines can be expensive, but you can also find…

Wine Blogging Wednesday and Wine & Spirits Magazine


Just a couple brief things this morning… First and foremost, don’t forget that today is Wine Blogging Wednesday #31: Non-Traditional Packaging. Nena and I will be tasting our bag-in-box wine this evening, so stay tuned for my contribution to everyone’s favorite virtual wine tasting. Secondly, I heard a rumor from a co-worker that this here blog was mentioned in the new April 2007 issue of Wine & Spirits Magazine. Of course their website isn’t one that would allow me to find out for sure and I don’t typically see the magazine around my house so I don’t read it often.…