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Is there a Market for Long Island Wine Beyond New York?

Since I first became involved with Long Island wine, I have said privately and publicly that I simply do not understand the general lack of national distribution. I have argued that with wider distribution there would be increa...

The first pallet of New York wine being prepped for shipment to Shanghai, China

New York State Wine Outlet to Open in Shanghai, China

Over the last 12-18 months the United Kingdom has emerged a potentially important market for New York — and other East Coast — wines. In fact, delegations from the Finger Lakes and Long Island are there right now ...


Bedell Cellars Named #7 Hottest Small Brand

I got an email yesterday that Long Island’s own Bedell Cellars was named the #7 hottest small brand by Wine Business News. While the story itself isn’t all that interesting (I’ve been talking about Bedell̵...