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Paumanok Vineyards Wins Winery of the Year; Ventosa 2011 Lemberger Wins 2015 Governor’s Cup


If you’re interested in such things and have been anywhere near Facebook or Twitter today, you’ve no doubt read that the 2015 New York Wine & Food Classic was yesterday. Over the years, we’ve been critical of all competitions like this one (not just this one), but this year we’re simply going to report on the results, which you can find in the below press release from the New York Wine & Grape Foundation. Congratulations to the winners. Watkins Glen, New York, August 12 – Ventosa Vineyards 2011 Lemberger, Estate Grown from the Finger Lakes Region won the coveted “Governor’s…

Macari Vineyards Named 2014 “Winery of the Year”


Regardless of what anyone thinks about wine competitions — how they are run, how the results are used to sell wine, etc. — when a deserving group of people are recognized for their work, it’s worth noting. Macari Vineyards being named “Winery of the Year” at the 2014 New York Wine & Food Classic yesterday is newsworthy because the Macari family, and the family-run culture they’ve cultivated at their winery, is worthy of even more attention than it already gets. “Family-run” gets thrown around a lot in the wine world. I guess it’s meant to to indicate a level of artisanal, hands on-ness.…

Winery of the Year?


By Jason Feulner, Finger Lakes Correspondent Recently, the 2007 New York Food and Wine Classic named Red Barn Winery as the "New York Winery of the Year." Surprisingly, this winery is not located in the Finger Lakes, Long Island or one of the established New York wine regions. Instead, Red Barn can be found in Liverpool, a small suburb just north of Syracuse in central New York. Being a proud resident of Syracuse, I took it upon myself to visit Liverpool one afternoon and see for myself what Red Barn is all about. The winery is located in the far…