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Wolffer Has a Way with Chardonnay


Chardonnay. It’s a grape that makes many wine lovers shudder. I blame the over-oaked, buttery, flabby chardonnays coming out of California. The overly tropical ones coming from Down Under aren’t doing us any favors either. I’m talking about barrel fermented chardonnay here, by the way. Gary over at Wine Library TV complains about these wines and the "Oak Monster." And he’s right. There was even a time when I turned my nose up at barrel-fermented chardonnay because so few winemakers seemed to know how to use oak judiciously–as a spice rather than main component. Local wineries fell into this trap…

New York Cork Club: June Selections


This month’s New York Cork Club selections bring together one wine you’d expect with something you might not.Treleaven 2006 Dry Riesling ($14.50) is the one you’d expect — a riesling from the Finger Lakes (Cayuga Lake to be more specific). I swear that I’m trying not to send you guys riesling after riesling. I could do so easily. But, when I tasted this one, I thought it was a fine example at a very good price. Apple, pear and that lime zing I find in so many Finger Lakes wines are all here, along with great acidity and a faint…

Vineyard Visuals: Wolffer Estate Through the Growing Season


This is going to be fun. Ellen Watson, our resident photographer, has decided to visit and re-visit the same spot in Wolffer Estate’s vineyard every few weeks throughout the growing season. This picture was taken yesterday (June 3) and it’s already remarkably different from the picture taken on May 20. I’ve also started a Flickr slideshow, that eventually should be a pretty cool click-through.

Vineyard Visuals: Between Two Posts


This is a shot taken in the Hamptons at Wolffer Estate’s vineyard on Sunday morning by our resident photographer, Ellen Watson. "I stopped on 27, away from the buildings, etc. of the winery.  I love this image between the two posts. I think I will document this spot throughout the season to see how it changes with time." Note: If you want to use this image as a desktop background, click on the image above for the full-size one.

Local With Local: Doug Gulija from Plaza Cafe


I first met Doug Gulija at a chardonnay vertical tasting at Wolffer Estate a couple years ago. He came right up and introduced himself to me and throughout the tasting, I was impressed by his palate as well as his dedication to Long Island wines–both in his personal life and and at his restaurant. You may remember that when LENNDEVOURS was celebrating it’s 3rd birthday a little over a month ago I mentioned that I wanted to work with some local chefs on some special food and wine pairings that bring together the best of Long Island’s seasonal ingredients with…

WTN: Wolffer Estate Big Apple Wine


For whatever reason, there are a lot of wine lovers (snobs?) who turn their noses up at fruit wines. Maybe it’s because I live in a state where quite a few are made, but I’ve found some great fruit wines–including this one. No, I’m not saying that this is some earth-shattering wine that will change your life, age for ten-plus years or anything like that.  It’s made with 20% Ida Red, 18% Golden Delicious, 18% Fuji, 17% Jona Gold, 10% Empire, 8.5% Gold Rush, 8.5% Breaburn apples, all grown by the Halseys of White Cap Farm in Bridgehampton. But, at…

WBW #32: Regular vs. Reserve


Today is the second Wednesday of the month, and lately that means it’s Wine Blogging Wednesday. This month’s edition–the events 32nd–is hosted by The Wine Cask Blog, which has asked participants to compare two wines from the same winery and same vintage, but one a ‘regular’ bottling and the other a ‘reserve.’ Definitely a fun concept and one I looked forward to. Rather than just do one comparison, I decided to do two pairs–one white, one red, one from the Finger Lakes, one from Long Island. Starting with the whites, I tasted and compared two 2005 chardonnays from Treleaven Wines…

Meet Mickey Mouse. Drink New York Wines.


I just got an email telling me that Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort’s Blue Zoo restaurant will soon be pouring six, count em six, New York wines. So, now you can take your kids to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse…and then enjoy some some delectable Finger Lakes and Long Island wines with dinner. The wines chosen by Blue Zoo’s team are: Atwater Estate Cabernet Franc Heron Hill Ingle Vineyard Riesling Heron Hill Semi-Dry Riesling Sheldrake Point Riesling (my review) Raphael La Fontana Wolffer Estate Selection Chardonnay I’ve had all of these wines with the exception of Atwater’s cab…

Harvest Lunch @ Wolffer Estate Vineyards, December 9: Taste the 2006 Vintage


On Saturday, December 9 at 12:30 p.m., Wolffer Estate Vineyards will host a harvest luncheon, where winemaker Roman Roth will offer the first tasting of Wolffer’s 2006 vintage. A traditional harvest lunch will also be served in the cellar. It’s $35 per person for wine club members and $40 per person for non-members. To RSVP call 631 537-5106 Ext. 20. Most everyone I’ve talked to says that 2006 was a surprisingly good harvest, with good flavors. This is a unique chance to taste these just-made wines. Unfortunately, Nena and I have a lamaze class all day on the 9th, so…