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Samples and Reviews

Samples Policy and Procedures The New York Cork Report accepts samples and its wine reviews can appear as standalone reviews, in feature articles and as part of “Tasting Table” articles. If you submit wines for review, our ...


How Will Global Warming and Climate Change Impact the Wine World?

By Special Wine Columnist, Richard Olsen-Harbich Will it be a brave new wine world? During the past year, discussions about the potential impact of “global warming” have dominated the mass media. Although the exact outcomes...


1995 Long Island Reds Tasting: 12 Wines at 12 Years of Age

Last nights tasting of 1995 Long Island reds was definitely a success. After a couple winemaker cancellations (damn harvest season!) we ended up with six on our panel and we all had a great time seeing how these 12 wines at 12-...

2007 Early Harvest Report: Shinn Estate Vineyards

From David Page, co-owner of Shinn Estate Vineyards: "The best and most important thing that we can say about the harvest is that the sun is still shining, giving us the heat we need to ripen our fruit. We will take as muc...


An Early Harvest Report From the East End

By New York City Correspondent Sasha Smith My husband, friend and I had the opportunity to help out with the harvest at The Old Field last weekend. The North Fork’s easternmost vineyard (it’s in Southold) The Old Fi...

Tasting Reds from Long Island’s 1995 Vintage This Sunday

I mentioned it earlier in the week, but I thought you might be interested in hearing a bit more about the tasting I’m co-hosting this Sunday evening. Basically, I’ve gathered samples of 1995 reds wines from several ...

2007 Early Harvest Report: Peconic Bay Winery

From Matt Gillies, GM at Peconic Bay Winery: "You know I’ll bring the rains in by saying this, but I don’t think I’ve seen more potential in a vintage in my near 30 years here. Even a bit of nasty weather...

2007 Early Harvest Report: Paumanok Vineyards

From Kareem Massoud at Paumanok Vineyards: "I have been working at Paumanok full time for nine years, and have been involved since my parents planted the vineyard in 1983, and I can’t remember a season as good as thi...