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LENNDEVOURS Q&A: Roman Roth, Winemaker, Wolffer Estate

Today’s Q & A is with one of my favorite people in Long Island wine, Roman Roth. He’s the winemaker at Wolffer Estate in the Hamptons as well as at Roanoke Vineyards on the North Fork. He has also served (and st...


My Homer Simpson Moment (aka Cider Doughnuts from “The Carrot Barn” in Schoharie, NY)

Behold, a cider doughnut from Schoharie Valley Farms, known to locals simply as The Carrot Barn. I had never had a fresh cider doughnut until I met Nena and she first took me to this farm/market/cafe for the first time. But boy...

WBW #37 Roundup Posted | WBW #38 Announced

In case you missed it, the good doctor has posted the roundup for Wine Blogging Wendesday #37 Go Native. And, I’m happy and proud to report that a record 52 entries were submitted. Thanks, Tyler, for hosting and for drumm...


New York Cork Club: September Selections

I have to tell you, I really love my job. Well, I like my day job too, but picking the wines for the New York Cork Club is a lot of fun. Wineries from all over New York are very excited about it and have been asking me to taste...


Seasonal Sundays and This Week on LENNDEVOURS

This time of year, seasonal takes on a whole new meaning in the LENNDEVOURS household. Instead of talking about the produce that is just coming in on the East End, it means football season–more specifically Steelers seaso...


Q&A With Adam Roberts: He’s Anything But an Amateur Gourmet

This morning, we have a special guest here at LENNDEVOURS. You may know his simply as Adam Roberts or The Amateur Gourmet. But to me, he’s one of the best–and most entertaining–food bloggers around. And, he...


Wine Blogging Wednesday #37: Ravines Wine Cellars 2006 Keuka Village White (Finger Lakes)

Wine Blogging Wednesday is back again–this time for its 37th edition, hosted by none other than Dr. Vino himself. The theme is "Go Native" and the good doctor has asked us to drink a wine made from indigenous gr...


Mail Order Grapes in the Finger Lakes

By Finger Lakes Correspondent Jason Feulner This past spring, the comments of some LENNDEVOURS readers concerning the origin of grapes for Dr. Frank’s second label, Salmon Run, elicited a response from Fred Frank, preside...