Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars is one of the best-known wineries in New York’s Finger Lakes region — mostly because their rieslings are top notch and among the best (if not they best) produced in the U.S. Salmon Run is Dr. Frank’s second label and the bottlings top out at about $13 per bottle, making them among the best every day drinking values I’ve encountered. This Salmon Run 2002 Meritage ($13) is a blend of merlot, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon, and while I couldn’t dig up any information on where the grapes came from, listing "New York" on the lable rather than the Finger Lakes probably means there’s some Long Island juice in here.. Nena made some homemade pizza last night with turkey sausage, sauteed veggies and mozzarella, so I thought I’d open this bottle up and see how it was. Eyes: A medium, juicy crimson-red. Very translucent…


As Tom mentions, the number of new wine blogs is "daunting." It’s seemingly impossible for me to add any new blogs to my list of usual reads. But, on his suggestion I clicked on over to Walk the Wine. It’s going to work it’s way into my regular reading routine. Plus, JD is just across the Long Island Sound from me in CT and has links to the Connecticut Wine Trail. Perhaps we’ll do some tasting together one day after a short ferry ride. So go over and see what JD has going on…and add him to your must-read list. It’d be cool, however, if I could leave a comment on the blog without being a blogger user


Today, the good doctor himself, Dr. Vino, has announced Wine Blogging Wednesday #18. And, he’s decided to take us in a slightly different direction. Instead of asking us to seek out a particular wine, which could have led us down the path of pink Champagne or some other Valentine’s Day cliche, he’s tasked us with writing about one of our favorite wine shops…a wine shop that feels the love. Of course, for those of us you that just need to drink for WBW, he’s also added a bonus round: review a bottle of value wine that a member of the wine shop’s staff recommended to you. So join us on February 1st…this should be a fun one. tags: wine | food and wine | Wine Blogging Wednesday | WBW


It is with great pleasure that I announce and introduce the winning logo in the Wine Blogging Wednesday logo contest, designed and submitted by Chris over at Drink Some Wine. Congratulations to Chris and thanks to all of you who voted. I’m going to work with Chris to fine tune the logo…so hopefully we’ll have the “final” version soon. Now, keep an eye out for an annoucement for February’s vintage of Wine Blogging Wednesday…


This afternoon, Nena and I are heading to Killington, Vermont for a long weekend with friends. Of the six people going, only two ski (I’m not one of them) but we’re certain to have a great time in the winter wonderland. So, there probably won’t be much activity on LENNDEVOURS until Tuesday. But, you should definitely take my New York Wine Survey while I’m gone. Take it now.

For those of us who love New York wines, it can be frustrating to find good, in-depth information about them — particularly if you live in the Finger Lakes and want Long Island information (or vice versa). Each region has it’s own publications that cover wine (some very little, some quite a bit) but all of the wine-focused publications are 100% ad supported (often filled with ads paid for by wineries). I had the idea recently to create an extension of LENNDEVOURS that will cover ALL of the wines and wine regions of New York and deliver them to you in one, neat package. Oh, and it will be independent…no winery ads accepted. Now is your chance to let me know is this is a good idea. Please take a couple minutes and fill out this survey. Fill Out the Survey, Today


Harold Watts, 73, Ternhaven Cellars’ founder, owner and winemaker, has sold his five-acre vineyard in Cutchogue to someone who is expected to build a house there and keep the acreage planted in vines. He’s keeping his property and winery in Greenport, but isn’t planning on making wine anymore. As I wrote last July, Harold is one of Long Island’s true garagistes. For more information (but not much) check out this piece in Newsday. (I like seeing that Mr. Harrington refers to Harold as a garagiste six months after I did). Stay tuned for an interview with Harold…I’m trying to track him down.


On Friday, February 10 at 8:15, Mora’s Fine Wine and Jamesport Vineyards will be hosting a Long Island Winemaker’s Dinner at Kitchen – A Bistro in St. James, NY . Jamesport Vineyards’ winemaker, Les Howard, will diners through Jamesport Vineyards’ wines as they dine on six delicious and inventive course. Cost per person is $80.99 plus tax which will cover all food, wine and tip. For tickets, contact Mora’s Fine Wine by calling 631-941 4458 or emailing The Menu2004 Jamesport Sauvignon Blanc with Celery Root Soup and Apple Fennel Salad 2003 Jamesport Chardonnay withPoached Fish Pot au Feau 2001 Jamesport Melanges de Trois (red blend)Roast Free-Range Chicken over Cauliflower Pureé 2003 Jamesport Pinot Noir withCassoulet 2001 Jamesport Reserve Merlot withRed Wine Braised Short Ribs and Glazed Butternut Squash Cheese Plate Jamesport Late Harvest Riesling withPoached Pear with Polenta Cookie and Hazelnut Gelato


  By Contributing Columnist Charles Massoud When Lenn asked if I would contribute to LENNDEVOURS, I was at the same time flattered, intrigued, apprehensive and I questioned if that is something I was good at. Of  course to write here must be sufficiently interesting for the reader, but I was thinking selfishly about whether it would be interesting for me. Writing in a newspaper is pretty much a one way street. In that case I state my opinion as forcefully as I can. So I do not do it often. Writing here offers a novel opportunity because it can be interactive and as such presents the possibility of, at first, anonymous dialogue in cyberspace. I have had such an experience on and I enjoyed it. I have learned from it. I then met people that have become good friends with whom I  have participated in several dinners and wine…