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Vineyards Visuals: Wolffer Estate Through the Growing Season (July 22)

Last Ellen Watson, our resident photographer, sent me the latest shot in our series at Wolffer Estate. This picture was taken on July 22 at around 7:25 p.m. and it has been added to the Flickr slideshow.


Sannino’s Bella Vita Vineyard Joins the North Fork Wine Scene

Remember when Harold Watts of Ternhaven Cellars sold his vineyard in Cutchogue? I said at the time that I had heard the new owners were going to keep the property under vine. Well they have and it’s called Sannino’s...

New State Law Allows Wineries to Cater, Serve Liquor

Newsday is reporting this morning that: "In a change that could bring even more millions of dollars to the East End’s tourist economy, a new state law now allows wineries to cater weddings and other events while keep...

A Poorly Researched Piece on

You guys have got to see this. I wont’ get into the less-than-stellar writing, because I’m sure there are plenty of people who think my writing could use a lot of work. But, I hate when anyone in the media doesnR...

Juan Micieli-Martinez Heading to Martha Clara Vineyards?

Thanks to a reader tip (thanks John) and an email sent to David Page at Shinn Estate Vineyards, I’ve learned that Juan Micieli-Martinez, formerly of Pellegrini Vineyards, is now formerly of Shinn Estate Vineyards as well....


How Much is the Stuff in Your Refrigerator Worth? (AKA: The continued Sears saga)

So if you had to replace every single item in both your freezer and your refrigerator, how much would it cost you? Sears seems to think, despite what we’ve told them, that $100 is more than enough to replace our lost good...


LENNDEVOURS Q&A: Lenn Thompson, You Know Who I Am

Today I’ve decided to change up the LENNDEVOURS Q&A series a bit…this time turning the microphone around and asking myself the same questions. Is interviewing ones self a sign of mental defect? Perhaps, but it&#...

Michael Vick is a piece of &^%$&…garbage

Sorry to break into this wine blog with sports and general news. But in case you haven’t heard, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is a piece of garbage (we’ll keep it rated G for now). According to one report...