San Francisco Notes

So I’m three days into my San Francisco adventure…and I thought I’d offer some little notes: My current hotel, the InterContinental Mark Hopkins, is a nice place, but the wireless Internet access is awful. Just awful Restaurant service here doesn’t seem to be as good as it is back home. On my lunch break today, I waited 20 minutes at an outside table at Nob Hill Cafe. I finally got a menu and then waiting another 15 minutes before leaving — hungry and annoyed I had dinner at Cafe Claude tonight. It was pretty good. Solid coq au vin and…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #23 Announced — BBQ Wines


I’m a few days behind, but this week Joel from Vivi’s Wine Journal announced the upcoming, and 23rd, edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday. His theme is one that is near and dear to my heart Bar-B-Que wines. Joel has left the ‘rules’ pretty wide open…just pick a wine to drink with a grill/smoked/barbequed meal. I know that most people drink beer with such eats…but not in the LENNDEVOURS house. Well, we do drink beer, but there is always wine around too. So, join us on July 5 and find out what other wine and bbq lovers are eating with their…

The (East Coast) Eagle Has Landed

It’s been a looong day, but I’m in San Francisco! After getting out of bed at 4 a.m. ET to catch a 7:15 flight out of JFK…I’ve had quite a day already and I’m trying to stay awake a few more hours to help with the time zone change. A few comments on my first day: I’m an idiot. Looking at the map, the walk from the Powell St. BART station to my hotel looked like "only ten blocks" which isn’t much of anything in NYC. So I decided to walk instead of taking a cab. Let’s just say that…

Wine Sediments: Hawaiian Pineapple Wine


Today over at Wine Sediments, the 50 in 50 project continues with a trip to Hawaii’s Tedeschi Vineyards. Yeah, they grow grapes in Hawaii, but the wine I tasted is made from fresh pineapple. Unlike a lot of wine geeks, I’m far from anti-fruit wine. In fact, I’ve had some truly amazing ones. Sure, they aren’t "fine wine" in the traditional sense, but snobbery is never a good thing. Check it out today.

WBW #22 Roundup Posted


So how did everyone do with their low-alcohol red wines? Looks to me like it went pretty well — better than some people expected for sure. Tim and Winecast has posted his round-up of Wine Blogging Wendesday #22. Check it out…there are some interesting wines on the list to be sure. And, keep your blog-reading eyes peeled next week for the annoucment about WBW #23, which features a great seasonal theme.

BTN: Blue Point Brewery Summer Ale


By Contributing Columnist Donavan Hall Tonight I opened up a Blue Point Summer Ale.  The label on the bottle tells me I should be drinking this in the summer sun (perhaps even after mowing my lawn — that little bit of lawn I have), but I’ll have to make due with the summer sunset. My guess is that this beer is intended to be thirst quenching.  If I were writing up the specifications for a thirst-quenching beer, I would probably start with something that is just a little bit tart that also finishes dry.  I know, a dry beer doesn’t…

Bay Area Imbibers and Bloggers: Suggestions Please


As I’ve written previously, early next Wednesday morning (too early if you ask me) I leave New York for San Francisco. I’ll be in conferences all day Thursday through Saturday, and then Nena joins me Saturday afternoon to make a little mini-vacation/anniversary trip out of things, but…I’m loooking for some suggestions from the booming Bay Area blogging community. I tend to be a lone roamer when I’m on business trips by myself…I just wander the streets in search of something to do. But, given that I have all of you as a resource, I thought perhaps I’d be a bit…

WBW #22: Standing Stone Vineyards 2003 Pinnacle (Finger Lakes)


Today is Wine Blogging Wednesday, hosted by wine podcaster extraordinaire Tim Elliott of Winecast. Tim has participated in most every WBW from its inception, so it’s great to finally have him hosting. And, he came up with a great theme. The theme: Find a red wine with 12.5% ABV or less More and more, these types of wines are the exception rather than the rule. Is it global warming? Is it winemakers catering to certain critics? Regardless, I knew I’d have no problem finding a wine for this event. Long Island wines tend to fall in the 12%-13% range in…

Bedell Cellars: About Art. About Taste.


Much like food and wine, wine and art are forever beautifully entangled. The splendor of a vineyard as it dances through the growing season begs to be  memorialized with a camera or on canvas. And, similarly winemaking, while at its core a scientific undertaking, is a craft done best in the hands of true artisans. Art is necessary to sell wine as well. Wine shops can be overwhelming — shelf after shelf of many different wines from many different locals and many foreign to the consumer. We’ve all picked up a bottle based on the label, and Australian wineries, perhaps…