A Menu For Hope II


In early October, an earthquake devastated Northern Pakistan. More than 70,000 people died in the tragedy and another 100,000 were injured. You might remember the efforts of the Food (and wine) Blogging Community last February to help those affected by the tsunami in Sout East Asia and East Africa. This year, the blogging community, led by Chez Pim, presents the second Menu For Hope II. Pm has organized this quite differently this year. It’s an raffle of course and all the money raised will go to Unicef, specifically for the earthquake region. Between changing email addresses since the last Menu…

Wine Matchup: VA vs. NY — The Results

Thanks to Ray, a devout LENNDEVOURS reader for this link to a round up of a tasting that pitted New York wines against those from Virginia (where Ray lives now). Some interesting results…and ones that make me want to explore VA wines a bit more. I’m going to try to track down a comprehensive wine list…as I’ve had some of the NY wines mentioned and there are betters available. If the panel liked the Wolffer 2004 Late Harvest Chardonnay, they should try the 2003! Interesting that there weren’t any Long Island merlots mentioned…given that some are really pushing it as…

WBW #16 Wrap Up Posted

The results for Wine Blogging Wednesday #16 — Judge a Wine By its Label have been posted over at An Obsession With Food (And Wine). Check them out. Our host, Derrick, did something quite interesting with the round up…broke them down by previous participation (or lack there of in the case of the "Fresh Faces"). Great idea and great job pulling together the ever-growing number of participants. Keep an eye out for the announcement of Wine Blogging Wednesday #17. I won’t spoil the surprise…but once again I won’t be drinking Long Island wine…because it won’t fit the theme. www.flickr.com Check…

It’s Final — We’re Home Owners


(or at least our mortgage bank is) Monday afternoon, we finalized the purchase of our very first chunk of Long Island — a house and a quarter-or-so acre of land about two miles from Long Island Sound. I just wanted to thank everyone for your emails and blog comments of congratulations and encouragement. We’re excited, anxious, happy, scared and MOVING. We’ve started by moving a few car loads (mostly kitchen stuff of course) and then this Saturday is the official moving day. We have great friends and a half dozen or so of them are coming to help. It’s a…

A Tale of Two Red Blends


Blended red wines – they are the best of wines, they are the worst of wines. Have you ever been in a wine shop and seen gallon jugs of “Burgundy” for less than ten dollars? Those wines bear little (okay, no) resemblance to the fine wines of the French region with the same name. Jug “Burgundy” often comes from California’s Central Valley and is a blend of high yield Barbera, Petite Sirah and other red varietals. Wine snobbery is never a good thing, but these wines are just awful. But blended reds are not created equal. Some of the world’s…

SBU Camerata Singers Holiday Concert — Friday, December 9 at 8 p.m.


Tomorrow night in the Staller Center Recital Hall at 8 p.m., the Stony Brook University Camerata Singers and the Stony Brook Chorale will present their Holiday 2005 performance. The Camerata Singers will be performing motets and folk songs by America’s greatest composer, Aaron Copland, while the Chorale peforms carols and lullabies. Both groups are conducted by Timothy Mount. You may have noticed that there’s no mention of food or wine…so why am I telling you about it? It’s quite simple…my supremely talented wife is a member of the Camerata and they are a great group worth hearing if you are…

WBW #16: The Lucky Country 2003 Barossa Valley


Did you remember to go out and get your "pretty label" wine? If not, shame on you for missing out on this month’s edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, the globe’s premier wine blogging happening. This vintage of WBW, brought to us by Derrick of An Obsession With Food, challenged us to judge a book by it’s cover…or more accurately, buy a wine based soley on its label. We all know that a wine’s label tells us absolutely nothing about the quality of the wine on the inside, but this is a great theme nonetheless. You’ll be shocked to learn that…

Brief Mention on Budget Living Online


It’s not very often that I get mentioned in the "real" media, but in checking my visitor logs this afternoon, I realized that I was mentioned on Budget Living in their "Where We’re Clicking" feature. Unfortunately, the link just says "Wine" but it does come to LENNDEVOURS. I doubt this is in the printed magazine, but if anyone sees it, let me know. I think it’s appropriate…I’m definitely living on a budget. Aren’t we all?

New Wine Blog: Water into Wino


There are new wine blogs popping up all over the place, but occasionally one catches my eye and warrants special mention here on LENNDEVOURS. Water into Wino is one such blog. It’s author is a mystery…but he/she has commented here a couple times and looking at the blog quickly (it just launched over the weekend) they’ve already reviewed a Long Island wine. Looks like he/she is a New Yorker of some sort…and he/she has friends who work in a tasting room on Long Island. Anyway, welcome him/her to the wine blogging world and check out the site.