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Beer Podcast: Crop Circle Ale and More

By Contributing Columnist Donavan Hall I hope you all enjoyed the last installment of the Long Island beer and malt podcast, The Daily Catch. This week I’m joined by Rich Thatcher, fellow beer and whiskey enthusiast and c...


WTN: Comtesse Therese 70% Cabernet Sauvignon 30% Cabernet Franc (North Fork)

Some of the wines that display Long Island’s true nature–terroir if you will–are actually red blends, not the varietal merlots that are often lauded as the region’s best. I know, shocking. I should be st...


WTN: Castello di Borghese 2005 Chardonnay (North Fork)

Even the most casual Long Island wine lover knows Castello di Borghese, located in Cutchogue. Their vineyards are where the Long Island wine industry got its start back in 1973—then known as Hargrave Vineyard after founders A...


Rkatsiteli: A Future Finger Lakes Standout?

By Finger Lakes Correspondent Jason Feulner Riesling is the king of the Finger Lakes, and most would agree that the Finger Lakes region consistently produces some of the best riesling in the United States.  Similarly, ries...


Heard Through the Grape Vine: LI Wineries Shutting Out Howard Goldberg?

My post the other day caused at least a mini-stir in the local wine industry. Several people intimately involved in it emailed me privately about it rather than commenting on the site. So, I can’t (and won’t) mentio...


WTN: Wolffer Estate Big Apple Wine

For whatever reason, there are a lot of wine lovers (snobs?) who turn their noses up at fruit wines. Maybe it’s because I live in a state where quite a few are made, but I’ve found some great fruit wines–inclu...


Who Wants to Make Some Wine in 2007?

As you probably know, I made ten or so cases of cabernet franc in 2006. Bottling was delayed a couple weeks ago, but is should commence soon. Then, the wine will hopefully be ready just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. But that...


Wine Blogging Wednesday #33 Announced: Mid-Priced Wines from the Midi

Well folks, it looks like I’m not going to be able to drink a New York wine for WBW #33, hosted this time around by Doktor Weinolb. The theme is wines from the southern French region of Languedoc-Roussillon (which is ofte...