Hooters_logoI’m a 29 year old male…so you’d probably assume that I’d had the pleasure of dining at one of the many Hooters that dot the American landscape.

You’d be wrong.

My first visit to Hooters didn’t happen until…well…last night. There’s one right around the corner from my office and just up the street from my softball game last night (which was at 8 p.m.). So, when John called and wanted to head over there after work to kill some time before the game…how can any self respecting man say no?

It was a good time. The wings were actually pretty good. I was going to go for the 911 ones (their hottest) but I went for a step down, the 3 Mile Island sauce. They were spicy but I could have taken more.

Funny thing was…the hooters side of Hooters wasn’t all that impressive. I guess if I were a 14 year old I would have been really really happy, though, which brings me to the real reason for this post.

There were families having dinner at Hooters when we were there…which I found extremely odd. No, it’s not a strip joint, but it this really the type of restaurant you want to take your kids to? I mean, I can see myself taking just my son there sometime…when he’s a teenager…but these were entire families…mothers, daughter, father….

Maybe I’m making too big a deal of it, but it really struck me as weird…