I subscribe to Jennifer Rosen’s email newsletter and I noticed today she also posts their content on her blog…which is definitely worth checking out.

I really liked this week’s posting because it discusses why American’s don’t drink wine with meals like they do in Europe…a fact that is truly a shame if you ask me. She outlines the reasons very well though…including the fact that some wines in Europe are much lower in alcohol (so they CAN have them with lunch and go back to work) and the fact that “table wine” is simply cheaper over there.

Nena and I like to drink at least one glass with dinner every night…but, as a couple saving up for our wedding, we obviously can’t afford to drink our favorite wines every night. So, I enjoy scouring the Internet and wine mags for bargains for every day drinking…many of which I find at Costco.

I’ve also seen some better wines (better is relative, remember) available in boxes…which I may finally break down and try.

A box of bargain Aussie Shiraz might do well as our every day wine…but I do have my reservations.