PorkHow can you not love pork? This week alone I’ve had it at least four times…as sausage…pulled on a roll…and even in a wrap today for lunch (I’m a sucker for a wrap…but that’s a different post for a different time).

I have at least a half dozen friends that don’t eat pork…and I’m not talking about any vegetarian friends I may have. That I can understand (to a certain extent). But the other people I’m talking about eat chicken. They eat beef. They just don’t eat pork. No bacon. No sausage (unless it’s turkey). No pepperoni on pizza.

Why don’t they “dig on swine”? Is it becuase pigs are “filthy animals”? I honestly don’t know, but I do know that one of my friends, Christy, has a disdain that defies logic. She “doesn’t eat pork” but does eat bacon on her egg sandwiches and used to eat BLTs regularly in our cafeteria here at work. Interesting.

Another pork-hater I know, Liz, won’t even cook it for her poor husband, John. Let the man eat pork every now and then. It’s the other white meat.

I love pork because it’s just so versatile…and affordable. I love to use brines, rubs and sauces on pork. I love to grill, roast, sautee or bake it. I’ll serve it pulled, in chops, stir-fried or as a roast.

To quote a famous TV chef “Pork fat rules.”

It just doesn’t get any better than pork.

Oh…except maybe pork and a nice Pinot Noir. (Had to know I’d get wine in there somewhere, right?)