That’s right loyal readers, LENNDEVOURS is packing up and moving his roadshow to Philadelphia…but just for the weekend.

Nena and I are heading down the NJ Turnpike tomorrow after work to spend the weekend with my college buddy, Paul and his still-new wife (May 2004) Sara. They are foodies and wine lovers…so it is sure to be a weekend filled with LENNDEVOURS content.

A quick preview:

  • We’re going to Azafran for dinner Saturday night. It will be our first visit to one of Philly’s famed BYOs…and it’s supposed to be one of the best in the city. Can’t wait…plus we’re meeting Nena’s cousin Kara and her fiance, Marc, there as well.
  • A Syrah/Shiraz Tasting. Each couple has purchased a bargain bottle ($10 or less) and a non-bargain bottle ($20 or more). Should be interesting to see which one we all like best…and if it’s one of the higher-end ones.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers game on Sunday. Though Paul lives in Philly now, he still bleeds black and gold (much like myself). He’s got a big TV and NFL Sunday Ticket…so we’ll get to watch our boys decimate and destroy the Cleveland Browns. I even bought Nena her first jersey for the occasion.
  • Our first cheese steaks. Yes…born and raised in PA (though western) and I’ve never had an authentic cheese steak. Paul will take care of that I’m sure.

We’re also going to a wine shop that they rave about…so as you can see, I’ll have a lot to write about when I get back!