Stuffing Stuffing.

It’s far and away my favorite part of any Thanksgiving dinner. Always filled with strong flavors, including sage, sausage…and even oysters in some parts of the country.

The New York Times has a great article describing how personal stuffing recipes can be. And it got me thinking…have I ever made stuffing that wasn’t quick and easy out of a box?

Isn’t it pathetic that the answer is no?

Even sadder still is the fact that without a real oven in our current rental, I’m not sure it is forthcoming. I picture myself making one with bread and corn bread…adding some smoked Spanish paprika (I’m in love with the stuff), maybe some chorizo, lots of onion….yummmmmm…

But fear not…we’re heading to upstate NY to my future in-laws’ and I hear great things about FMIL’s (future mother in-law) stuffing. I’ve had Nena’s…which is absolutely spectacular…and she thinks her mom’s is even better.

Maybe I’ll be able to get the recipe. Will the draw of fame and stardom on LENNDEVOURS be enough to wrestle the ingredient list away?

Maybe after a few glasses of wine.