Posts Written OnNovember 30, 2004

Saturday Night Dinner Pictures

As I mentioned in a previous post, Nena and I cooked dinner for her parents and some friends last Saturday night. After two days of turkey-centric meals, we decided a small plates/tapas-style dinner was perfect. After over three years together, Nena and I have finally learned the best way for us to cook together…cook separately. We’re both great cooks…but both like to do things our own way…so we came up with a menu together, split it in half and each took ownership of half of the dishes. Dishes served included: Turkey Jack Quesadillas with Cranberry-Pear Salsa Asian Lettuce Wraps with…

WANTED: Long Island Wine Tasting Group Members

Do you love wine and live on Long Island? Want to make new friends and learn about Long Island wines (and wines from around the world)? I’m trying to form a casual (but  organized) wine tasting group out here in Suffolk County (we live near Port Jefferson). My thought it to try to get together at least once every couple of months (to start), drink wines, talk about them….and maybe even get a Long Island winemaker to join us on occasion. Interested? Email me and let me know!