Posts Written OnDecember 03, 2004

My First Xmas Present of the Year

This year, instead of buying gifts for EVERYONE in my family (and vice versa) we picked names…and my dad got me (and I got him, despite a little confusion haha). Well…my gift from my dad arrived a little early (yesterday) but I couldn’t be more excited with it…my first wine fridge. Of course now my regular wine rack is looking a little empty (relatively)…so I guess I need to buy some more wine, right? Thanks, Dad!

WBW #4 Round-Up

Derrick has posted a round-up of this month’s edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday — New World Riesling. This month, we had two full cases of participants (that’s 24!) and over 30 wines reviewed total…from New York…to California…to New Zealand…to Australia…even to MARYLAND! Great theme (thanks Derrick) and thanks for hosting. Keep an eye out for the WBW #5 annoucement soon…it’s a little bit of a different spin on WBW…and comes from yet another SF blogger!