Here’s to a happy holiday season to all of my readers and fellow bloggers around the globe. I hope that your Xmas (if you celebrate) and New Years celebrations are filled with great food and even greater wines. And by all means, post about it so we can all see!

It’s been one hell of a fun year, and I’m sure 2005 will be even more so, with LENNDEVOURS’ birthday in the late winter, my 30th birthday in April and, of course, my wedding to Ms. LENNDEVOURS herself, the lovely and tolerant Nena. I guess that will make her MRS. LENNDEVOURS then, huh?


Nena and I leave Thursday afternoon for Pittsburgh to celebrate Xmas with my family. We’ll be enjoying my mom’s lasagna Xmas Eve…and enjoying good food and wine at my aunt’s on Xmas day. Of course Nena and I will be bringing our wine suitcase…probably filled and beyond.

We’ll also be having dinner with my aunt and Randy Sunday at a new area restaurant, Siba. Pittsburgh is a bit of a culinary wasteland…so any new restaurant that isn’t a chain and that is doing something "new" is worth checking out.

And, before dinner there, we’ll be at my grandparents to watch the Steelers kick the crap out of the hated Baltimore Ravens.