CulturedwinoI’m always on the look out for new (and interesting) wine blogs. This morning, I stumbled upon a fairly new one worth keeping an eye on: cultured wino.

From what I’ve read already, I like and can appreciate how Tiffany (the owner/writer) looks at wine and the wine world.

"And that’s the problem so many have with wine and wine drinkers. Like jazz, cigars and single-malt scotch, wine comes with the baggage of class — or, rather income. As soon as people get a little bit of change in their pockets and some “exposure to The World,” they start to drink wine and then adopt the snooty cool pose that goes along with it. After all, people with money are all wine-drinkin’ snobs, right?

I think there needs to be a wholesale change in the way companies market wine and the groups they target."

Anyone who is anti-snob is okay in my book.

If you like reading LENNDEVOURS, please head over to cultured wino and see what she has to say…I expect we’ll all see some great commentary.