Posts Written OnJanuary 03, 2005

I’m Back…and Backed Up

No. That’s not what I mean. I’ve have no fewer than a dozen wines , a couple restaurants and my future in-law’s always-fun post-Xmas party to post about. Plus…I just bought my first box-o-wine…Black Box 2002 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ve read about Black Box a few times and saw this wine (along with their Chardonnay and Merlot) for the first time in a local wine shop.

Is My Blog Burning #11 — Beans, Beans, Beans…You Know What That Means

After missing out on a couple IMBB events, I’m can’t wait to cook up some beans for IMBB #11, hosted by Cathy at My Little Kitchen. Can you believe we’re at #11 already? Simply awesome. Beans are the perfect theme too…so many ideas come to mind. Plus they are healthy (usually), perfect for those still sticking to their New Years resolutions. IMBB is January 23rd…but why not go out and get your Wacky Wine for Wine Blogging Wednesday #5, which is on January 26th!?!?

Close…but no FBA for LENNDEVOURS

Well the ballots are in and counted, and LENNDEVOURS came up a bit short in the "Best Food Blog – Wine, Beer and other Spirits" category of the 2004 Food Blog Awards, losing out to Alder’s  Vinography. It’s hard to argue with the outcome (especially since I voted for Alder myself). Congratulations, Alder and to the rest of the WBA winners. And, of course, thanks to Kate H of Accidental Hedonist for hosting the awards…and to all my dedicated readers that voted for LENNDEVOURS. Here’s to a great 2005 for all involved…let’s make 2005 the year of the wine blog!