PeconicbaywineryThe more I taste Peconic Bay Winery’s wines, the more I like them. While they aren’t as complex or ‘interesting’ as those made by some other producers, they are consistently tasty and usually much more affordable as every day wines than many L.I. wines.

I think they do a particularly good job with whites, with a couple different Chardonnays, two styles of Riesling and a blend of both grapes, their Local Flavor White.

This Chardonnay is billed by the winery as having:

"…fresh, forward fruitiness and appetite-whetting finish lend an enticing, elegant simplicity to this steel fermented Chardonnay. The malo-lactic fermentation was allowed to go to 50% completion. As a result, the wine possesses bright acidity to match the fruitiness that has hints of both citrus and grassiness. "

Eyes: Pale yellow and bright. Obviously didn’t see any oak.

Nose: Smells fresh with Granny Smith apples and lemons and hints of honey.

Tongue: Great acidity for food, with abundant citrus freshness. A simple Chardonnay, but in a good way. Nena noted "lemongrass" which makes me very pround.

Price: $13

Food: Grilled seafood and poultry, or as a summer gulping wine at the beach.

Overall: Very nice, simple and refreshing. While $13 isn’t bad, if it were $10 this could be a great value. As it is, it’s still a good value in Long Island wine.

I’d like to see what would happen to this wine with just a little oak aging. Some vanilla or butterscotch would really elevate this wine.