DrpaulyI tried to find some background information on this German Riesling, but I wasn’t able to find much beyond what FineWine.com had to say:

"Dr. Pauly’s Riesling displays his typical intense-lime fruit with a vibrant, aromatic character and a clean, pure and crisp finish."

I’m not sure where they got their notes, but I think maybe we were drinking different wines. Maybe this is a case of mistaken identity…or a perfect example of how some wine notes are complete and utter garbage.

Eyes: It offers the typical Riesling look, pale yellow an extremely light tinge of greet. Pale chartreuse may be a good way to describe it.

Nose: I don’t get any lime at all. In fact, citrusy aromas were absent entirely. Instead I get a complex nose of baked apples, baked pears and wet stones.

Tongue: While filled with delicious baked fruit and intriguing coconuts flavors, it really lacks the acidity that I enjoy is a great Riesling. I certainly wouldn’t call it "crisp."

This is definitely not a dry wine and not really even off-dry, call it off-sweet instead.

Price: $19

Overall: A nicely layered white wine, with some interesting flavors that I didn’t expect. But, with the low acidity and high residual sugar (I wish I could find some stats on it!), I’d say it’s better with barely sweet desserts or a cheese course than with your main course.