Sorrycurtis As some of you may or may not know, I was born, raised and educated in Western Pennsylvania, spending my first 18 years just outside of Pittsburgh in Cranberry Township before attending college 70 miles north and then grad school in the city limits.

If you know anyone from the Pittsburgh area, you probably know that the Pittsburgh Steelers are like a religion that just about ALL of us practice on Sundays. Not unlike the rest of the ‘burgh, my family is insane when it comes to our beloved Steelers…and the Steelers love doesn’t fade…regardless of where you move.

Need proof?


Living in New York now, I still get to see most of the games because a local bar puts them on for me when I go there–Phil’s in Wading River, NY. But this weekend, I’ll get to enjoy the game in the comfort of my own home…with a half dozen Jets fans…who happen to be my friends.

That’s right, we’re having a party…and it sould be fun. Nena and I are planning some good, Pittsburgh-centric food (pierogies and kielbasa) and we’ll have some other delicious nibbles as well I’m sure.

Dscn2560What wine will I serve? For me (and the guys), none. I’ll be drinking Pittsburgh’s finest, Iron City Beer. The girls will likely be drinking white wine of some sort…nothing worth noting probably.

Okay, so maybe Iron City isn’t very good beer. It is mAluminumbottlesade in Pittsburgh though and is a gameday must when I can get my hands on some. I won’t be drinking it all game though…I only have a six pack left and I need to save some for the AFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl.

The interesting thing about this particular case of Iron is its packaging. The beer is in aluminum bottles, which they claim keep the beer colder longer. I’m not sure about that…but they are a great conversation piece.

My quick predictions for the game:

  • The Steelers are undefeated when I wear my #55 Joey Porter jersey…this streak will continue
  • Plaxico Burress will make make his presence felt, catching some passes down field to open up the running game for The Bus and Duce
  • Troy Polomalu will make a couple HUGE plays on defense, either forcing a fumble or picking off a pass