Posts Written OnFebruary 08, 2005

Chardonnay Vertical Tasting at Wolffer Estate Vineyards

Details are still a bit scant, but I’ve been invited to attend a private vertical tasting of Estate Selection Chardonnay (their "reserve" stuff) at Wolffer Estate Vineyards on March 15th at 7:30 p.m. It’s being hosted and run by their winemaker, Roman Roth. And, as far as I know I’m one of only ten or so invitees. I wonder how many years back we’ll go… Should be a great evening. I can’t wait…especially since it might be a last hurrah of sorts before I have my tonsils removed and can’t drink for a couple weeks.

The Results — Long Island “Pink” Wines

Well folks, LENNDEVOURS’ first wine tasting event went off pretty much without a hitch. We ended up with 14 wines from 12 Long Island wineries and one Finger Lakes winery, and 12 tasters. It was interesting to see how different people reacted to different wines. For the most part, Nena and I tended to like similar wines (not a surprise) but there were only a few that everyone liked. Similarly, there was only one (maybe two) that everyone disliked. Easily the most entertaining part of the evening (and the next morning) was reading everyone’s comments. One friend in particular, we’ll…