Muscadet Muscadet is a wine I don’t know a whole lot about, so I was glad to pick this one up for around 10 bucks. The hand-written note at the wine shop (usually a good sign…if hand-written) mentioned melons, minerals and crispness…so I paired it with penne with cauliflower, sweet petit peas and parmesan cream sauce.

Eyes: In the glass, it’s an extremely pale yellow with great clarity and brightness.

Nose: I didn’t get much in the way of melons or fruit of any sort. It’s lean nose is filled with wet stones and minerals.

Tongue: Crisp and tart at firt, the mid-palate offers a little bit of melon (honeydew) with more minerals. It’s extremely clean tasting but simple with a flat finish.

Price: $10

Overall: My American palate may have enjoyed more fruit, but I enjoyed this wine. It’s not a complex or deep wine…not one you think too much about…but it’s an interesting sip nonetheless because it’s unlike anything I’ve tasted from the U.S.

Lenn’s Grade: B-

Nena’s Grade: B-