Posts Written OnFebruary 23, 2005

Ethics In the Wine-Blogging World

My esteemed wine-blogging colleague, Professor Bainbridge, raises an interesting point when it comes to the ethics of "schwag"  in the blogosphere, while linking to an article with one man’s opinions. Honestly, I never really thought much about it…especially because most of the samples I get are intended for my offline wine writing (though they always make an appearance here as well). I don’t see any disclaimers in print publications….does anyone else? Full disclosure is never a bad thing though. So, even though I know that I’m always honest with my reviews (regardless of where the wine comes from), I’m going…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #7 Announcement

After a successful trip to South Africa, Wine Blogging Wednesday is back, scheduled for March 9…this time hosted by none other than Andrew at Spitoon. The theme? Obscure Red Grape Varieties. What does that mean exactly? No Cabernet Sauvignon. No Merlot. No Pinot Noir. What about Sangiovese or Tempranillo? Those are out too…we’re talking obscure here people. (For a complete list of banned substances, check out Andrew’s post.) He does offer some suggestions on where to look and what to look for…so fear not! Scour your wine shops for something unique…something weird…something you’ve wanted to try but never have!