Posts Written OnMarch 21, 2005

Macari Vineyards Block E 2003

I can’t help it. I have a sweet tooth…even if I’m not big into eating dessert (at least not compared to the future Mrs. LENNDEVOURS)..I love dessert…dessert wine that is. Macari Vineyards‘ Block E, a dessert wine made in an ice wine style, is one of my two or three favorite Long Island dessert wines. I picked up a bottle of their newly-released 2003 Block E a few weeks ago, and I have to say, it’s been torture not popping it open and polishing it off myself (mabye letting Nena have some). But, I was able to control myself…until our…

LENNDEVOURS Wins a Wine Blog Masti Award

FERMENTATIONS, always an interesting read, recently annouced the Wine Blog Masti Awards, a list of awards focusing on wine blog mastheads. I’m proud that LENNDEVOURS won for the Best Use of Whimsical Type. Ironically enough, I’m planning a redesign of LENNDEVOURS in the coming months. Even if the current logo (which I did myself with my rudimentary skills) has gotten me this far, I have an actual designer working up a real logo for me.