BorgataI have to apologize for the lack of wine reviews this week. Between my various birthday celebrations, the beginning of softball season and other work-related stuff, I’ve just not had much time for drinking…or taking notes about said drinks.

I’d love to be able to tell you that I’ll catch up on that this weekend…but that would only be a half truth. I’ll be drinking alright…but few notes will be taken. I’ll be drinking…probably in excess…but it will be fun.

I’m heading to Atlantic City Saturday morning with seven other guys…playing a round of golf, checking into the Borgata and then who the heck knows what will happen…all for my bachelor party.

I hear there are some great restaurants at the Borgata…and a good wine bar. Maybe I can sneak away from the non-wine drinkers in the group as they gamble away all their money (I’m not a big gambler unless you consider the possibility of a corked bottle a gamble)…