SfchronicleW. Blake Gray, a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle did a write-up today on wines from back east (non-Cali)…including several from New York (and Long Island). It’s nice to see NY wines mentioned…but I think California wine arrogance reared its ugly head a bit in places.

Sf_chron_storyRichard Olsen-Harbich, winemaker and managing director at Raphael was interviewed for the piece. Take it from me, he is always great for a quote.

I found his assessment of Long Island merlot particularly interesting…and I’ve inquired as to which ones were tasted. Not because I don’t agree (I’ve said before that I like our cabernet francs better when done well), but I always like to know what "experts" are tasting when they taste Long Island wine.

I expect that we’ll see a lot more coverage of New York wines in non-NY media in the coming weeks…

By the way…has anyone out there tried any of these Colorado bottlings? I need to get my hands on some I think.