Wishingtree_04chardEver since I discovered delicious steel-fermented chardonnays from Peconic Bay Winery and Macari Vineyards here on Long Island, I’ve been on the look out for the same style of wine being produced in other regions…without much luck initially.

The "I hate Chardonnay…it’s too buttery and oaky" contingent, however, has caused more and more producers to hop the no-oak train, including this wine…which comes from Down Under in Western Australia.

Eyes: Medium-to-light gold with a really light chartreuse-ish tinge (looks like a gewurtz to me…if gewurtz has a "look")

Nose: Reminds me a lot of Macari Vineyard’s Early Wine on the nose, but a bit more tropical with faint pineapple and peach joining nice citrus aromas. There even a little spice it warms.

Tongue: Medium bodied with some acidity and simple fruitiness. Not nearly as fruity as the Early Wine…or as crisp. Finish is a little flat for my tastes.

Price: $10

Overall: Definitely a nice, easy-drinking white that chardonnay haters would probably like. Chill it and chug it this summer. (Okay, I never advocate chugging wine, but it’s a quaffer and I liked the illiteration.) Would definitely buy this again and serve it in warm weather. Nena likes it ice cold…I like it a little warmer.

Lenn’s Grade: B-
Nena’s Grade: B+