SnifferAs any of you on the eastern seaboard are aware, we’ve been having some seriously hot and humid weather the last week or two. It’s supposed to reach 90+ today…which isn’t common for Long Island this early in June.

I bring this up because that very heat wave has forced me to move all of the wine that doesn’t fit in our wine fridge into our BEDROOM of all places — because we keep that room cooler (via A/C) all day. Luckily, Nena is very patient with my wine pyschosis and there is room behind our door to store the 100+ bottles out of sight.

But, as I was lugging my wine around, I came to a few realizations:

First, I’ve become a full-fledged wine nerd. I’ve only been serious about wine (and I mean seriously serious) for a little over a year. Before this heat wave, I would have never bothered to move wine from the hottest room (one without A/C) to a room with it. This year, I was actually physically upset at the thought of my beloved vino baking in the heat. I’m obsessed now…but I’m really okay with that.

I also need to remember that while I am and always will be a wine lover, I’m also a wine writer now too. Of the 100+ bottles I had to move, more than half is "work" wine…wines that I need to taste for various publications/projects. Why do I have such a back-up of wines? Because  I still haven’t gotten used to the idea of tasting wines without drinking the entire bottle within a day or so.

Because we have so few friends that are into wine, I find myself "saving" work wines until either we visit my in laws or have a dinner party where one or two attendees really like wine. I guess I just don’t like seeing good (or even mediocre) wines going to waste.

Nena put it best this weekend when she said "We have way too much wine here, Lenn. Your job is to taste the wine, not drink the whole bottle."

The transition to "professional" is well under way…and I didn’t even realize it. So, I guess while I can still "save" wine from my own reserves…I need to do a better job of keeping on top of my tastings.

With this new revelation in mind, keep an eye out for many more tasting notes…and if any of you happen to be out near my house, stop by — I’m sure I’ll have some opened, but only partially consumed bottles of wine that you’re welcome to.