It’s hard to believe that Wine Blogging Wednesday has taken off the way it has. What started as an idea that I thought would appeal mostly to the blogosphere’s wine geeks has grown and pulled in some of the best food blogs and made wine mini-geeks out of wine neophytes.

Now, a year later, it’s time for Wine Blogging Wednesday #12…and I’m taking the reins back as host (mostly because there was a scheduling snafu and I was left with an empty slot!).

We’ve visited many lands and sampled many varietals in WBW’s brief history…so for the one-year anniversary edition, I thought it would be great to stay close to home — as close to home as possible.

On Wednesday, August 10th I ask only that you Drink Local. Real Local.

This time around…there’s only one rule: Drink a wine from the winery nearest to your apartment/house/shack/bungalow/flat/tent. Wine is being made in every state and just about every country so it’s time that the "eat local" movement be extended to vino for WBW.

So, figure out what winery is closest to you, pick up some wine and join us August 10th.

I realize that some of you might have negative attitudes about your local wines if you’re not in a "prime" region…but that’s part of why I’m asking you to drink local. Put aside your pre-conceived notions and try those local wines again. I think you’ll be surprised by at least one.

And NO CHEATING. If I have to, I’ll fact check on each and every one of your entries.

Seriously. I will. But please don’t make me!