Eat_local_large_recI can’t believe that I didn’t sign up for this before today…but I’m joining the Eat Local Challenge, brought to the world by Life Begins at 30 and Locavores

For more information, visit the announcement site.

Everyone has heard a lot about the "eat local" movement amongst foodies world wide. But, honestly, I never gave it that much thought. I honestly think it really hit me when we were in Jamaica for our honeymoon…that eating local is important…for at least two main reasons:

One…it supports local farmers and producers. Always a good thing.
Wouldn’t you rather have farms and orchards as neighbors instead of
condos and housing developments?

Two…it tastes better most of the time. I’m not going to run out
and scour the state for locally made olive oil…but produce, cheese
and (of course) wine…are all available and readily so.

So, LENNDEVOURS joins the Eat Local Challenge for the month of August. And to do so, I answer the following:

1.  What’s your definition of local for this challenge?

I’m going to go with New York State as my "local" whenver possible.
Cheese, breads, wines, and produce are things I can do very locally
(withing 50 miles) but beyond that, I may need to look upstate or even
New Jersey.

2.  What exemptions will you claim?

As I mentioned above, olive oil for one. And I don’t know how easy
it will be to get local meat regularly, but we’ll see how that goes.

3.  What is your personal goal for the month?

I’m going to be realistic about the project. I know that I won’t be
able to eat every meal 100% locally, but I know that I can do my
best…and more importantly…keep eating local at the front of my
mind. I think by thinking about where each bite comes from is the first
step in enjoying food to its fullest. I do know that I will eat at
least ONE local food item every day.

Completely coincidentally, let’s not forget that Wine Blogging Wednesday #12, hosted by yours truly on August 10th, fits in perfectly with the Eat Local Challenge. The theme is "Drink Local. Real Local" and the point is to drink wine from the winery nearest you.

So there you have it. And, good luck to the participants…it
promises to be an interesting and delicious month. I hope our tomatoes
start ripening soon!