Thank you to those of you who filled participated in the LENNDEVOURS Reader and New York Wine Interest survey. I appreciate you taking a few minutes to let me know how we’re doing here with the site and what you’d like to learn more about.

To those of you who didn’t participate — shame on you. Just joking…but participate next time, got it?

It’s amazing how much you can learn when you simply ask your readers what they want. I learned quite a bit about my readership and what interests them most about what we’re doing here at LENNDEVOURS.

For instance:

  • More than half of respondants were from New York…whether NYC, Long Island or upstate
  • I’m younger than all but four survey participants
  • You enjoy reading about the food and wine adventures Nena and I have most, followed by wine tasting notes and then information on NY wineries
  • You dont’ care about the reprints of my ‘for print’ writing
  • Many of you are buying NY wines based on what you read on LENNDEVOURS, particularly those from smaller producers like Lieb Cellars and Comtesse Therese
  • You want more information on pairing Long Island wines with food
  • You want to learn New York wines that aren’t from Long Island
  • You want New York winery event listings

Thank you again for helping to make LENNDEVOURS all it can be. In the coming weeks I plan to incorporate this information with some of my own ideas for how to improve the site.