PinotnoirAh pinot noir. Sideways sure helped but I think it’s popularity was on the rise even before the movie’s release.

For October’s vintage of Wine Blogging Wednesday, Jens of Cincinnati Wine Garage has chosen the theme New New-World Pinot Noir.

What is new New-World pinot noir? That would be New World Pinot Noir that doesn’t come from France or the West Coast of the United States.

You know I’m game for this topic, as New York is producing some good pinot these days (and I happen to have several I may taste through for WBW)…and I expect we’ll see a lot of Kiwi entries as well.

This type of WBW theme is about leaving your comfort zone (so maybe I won’t drink a Long Island wine) and experiencing something new. Maybe I can find a Pennsylvania pinot?

Head over to Cincinnati Wine Garage and get your pinot noir motor running.