Nena sent me an email this morning that just said: "You’re really slacking with LENNDEVOURS lately."

You know, she’s right. Between my day job demanding more full-time attention, various print writing projects I’m working on and (oh yeah) us dealing with mortgage brokers, home inspectors and the like as we try to buy our first Castello di Thompson…I’ve just not has nearly as much time as I’d like.

But, as you can see in the above picture, we’ve still made time to enjoy some vineyard trips.

My parents were in town last Friday through Monday morning and we spent Sunday (pre-Steelers game) touring a few wineries that my parents like so they could stock up (since NY wineries still can’t ship to Pennsylvania). It was also Ben’s first multi-vineyard trip out east…and he did just fine.

In fact, I think he’d make an excellent vineyard dog. He was at his most happy when walking up and down the rows. He made me proud.