Sfchronicle_1About a week ago, there was a story in the San Francisco Chronicle about New York Wines. If you’ve been reading LENNDEVOURS for a while, you know that I typically find lots of problems with stories written about New York wines. They either unfairly compare them to California or Bordeaux (and basically say they suck because they aren’t the same) or focus only on the "big name" wineries that the same people write about again and again and again.

Dave McIntyre’s piece, however, will not draw the ire of this NY wine writer. In fact, I really liked it.

While he did talk to the "usual suspsects" on Long Island…I think it’s a well written, balanced story that acknowledges the quality despite differences in growing conditions and winemaking style from other regions.

I was particularly impressed with the list of recommended wines at the end of the piece…because I’ve had most of the wines listed and actually agree with these choices. Sure, there’s other, smaller producers making wines I’d add, but this is a great start.

I love seeing NY wines in non-NY media…and I love it even more when it’s done well. Cheers to you Mr. McIntyre.