WillowrolytruckSince dogs are “man’s best friend” it only makes sense that they would
have a place –- and an important one at that –- in many winery
operations. By patrolling the vines, they keep the vineyard free of
hungry birds and deer. Their friendship can cheer the staff with the
wag of a tail. But perhaps most importantly, they serve as canine
ambassadors in the tasting room, greeting and entertaining visitors.

Besides, since a sense of smell is a big part of enjoying wine, who better to help sniff out the best?

Dekka, protecting the vines at The Old Field Vineyards.

Trevie relaxing at Castello di Borghese.

Jackson tasting a flight of merlot at Bedell Cellars.

Winemaker Kip Bedell and Ripple (what a great name) at Bedell Cellars.

Remy helping out with the harvest at Channing Daughters Winery.

Syrah guarding Lieb Family Cellars’ delivery van.

Bernie, checking Martha Clara Vineyards‘ vines for disease.

Rufus and Raven greeting tasters at the newly opened Sherwood House Vineyards tasting room.