Posts Written OnOctober 27, 2005

LENNDEVOURS a Top TenSource for Regional Wine

As a wine (and food) blog that focuses almost entirely on New York wines, I don’t often find myself getting much pub, but I got an email today from the editors at Top TenSources letting me know that LENNDEVOURS has been chosen as one of the top Internet sources for information on regional wine. It’s pretty cool to be included…and I’m glad to see some of my blogging friends on the list mentioned on the list…and in part one (wine reviews) and part two (wine news & commentary) of the series.

2005: One of the Best Harvests for Finger Lakes Vineyards?

I’ve long been a fan of Finger Lakes riesling (no shock there) gewurtztraminer, and to a lesser extent, chardonnay — but few reds from the region have ever done much for me. They tend to be "green" with simple flavors and less-than-ripe tannins.2005 could change all that. The 2005 growing season was almost universally outstanding throughout New York, and according to the National Weather Service in Buffalo, the Finger Lakes region had its fourth warmest summer in 100 years, making it great for ripening reds in this usually much cooler area. While rain leading up to and during harvest made…

U.S. DoA to Help “Devastated” Long Island Wineries?

Much has been written in various New York media outlets about the heavy rains Long Island has endured over the past few weeks. At one point, certain locations on the East End received 17 inches of rain in an eight-day period. That is definitely a lot of rain — especially after a summer where we endured near drought conditions (less than two inches over three months). Now, senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton are seeking federal funding assistance for Long Island’s "devastated" wine region. I use quotes around devastated because from what I’ve heard (and seen with my own eyes)…