Posts Written OnNovember 28, 2005

Long Island Wineries Weak at Web Marketing

You know me as Dan’s Papers’ fearless wine writer (or the owner/editor of LENNDEVOURS), but Monday through Friday, I play a very different role – that of an Internet marketing manager in the high technology industry. Rarely do the two careers cross paths, but my experience with the local wine industry’s Internet marketing initiatives (or lack thereof) has finally driven me to consider Long Island’s wine region from my “day” job’s perspective. Simply put, the Long Island wine industry deserves good grades for its wine, but when it comes to using the Internet to promote itself and its wares, it…

Long Island Winemakers Talk Turkey

Because of its focus on food, friends and family (not to mention its post-harvest timing) Thanksgiving is often cited as a favorite holiday by local winery owners and winemakers. Each and every year, readers of magazines and newspapers are inundated with wine pairing advice and suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, instead of offering advice, I decided to ask people in our own local wine industry what foods they were eating and what wines they’d be drinking this year on Thanksgiving. Here are the results.

The Gift of Wine

‘m a little behind in my participation with Beau’s latest meme: The Gift of Wine. Why? First I was insanely busy with my day job. Then was on deadline for a couple freelance pieces. To make matters even worse, we were without Internet access two days last week before heading home to Pittsburgh for Turkey Day. But, I’m back and it’s time to catch up. Beau’s question is: If you were to give a wine out of your own cellar/collection/shelf/fridge as a gift this year, which wine would it be, who would receive it and why? This one is easy…I’d…