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As you may have noticed yesterday, I presented a challenge to Seattle-area food bloggers as my hometown Pittsburgh Steelers take on teal-clad Seattle Seahawks in this years Super Bowl.

Well, the mind behind the Culinary Fool has accepted the challenge.

What’s on the line?

When the Steelers win, she has to send me one of her last bottles of Matthew Cellars 2001 Columbia Valley Red.

If by some miracle the Seahawks win (and then go ice skating with the devil), I’ll have to part with my last bottle of Martha Clara Vineyards 6025. Think of it as a meritage-for-meritage wager.

And yes, I’m well aware that Martha Clara isn’t a Pittsburgh or even Pennsylvania winery…I’d never make B drink any wine produced in my home state. I’d not with that upon even my worst enemy.

I’m sure going to enjoy drinking that WA wine this spring. Thanks, B.