MenuguyThanks to everyone to sent me emails or left comments for the Ultimate Steelers Tailgate menu. Just reading what you all had to say transported me back to my hometown and to Sundays at "church" (what we called Steelers games in my fraternity house in college).

But, without further adieu, I give you the Ultimate Steelers Tailgate Menu.


Snyder of Berlin Potato Chips
Pittsburgh-area potato chips

Polish Sausage Chips with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce
Polish sausage is a must for any Pittsburgh-themed menu. Cook it how you like, slice it into thin ovals (on an angle) to make the chips. Mix one bottle Heinz Chili Sauce and one small can of crushed pineaplle in a small sauce pan, mix and heat through.

Main Courses and Sides

Primanti Brothers Sandwiches
A Pittsburgh-original. If you can’t get the real dea, Kate offers a rendition. I’m going to make these for our party, but I’ll be using the traditional thick slices of Italian bread, the right vinegary coleslaw and a fried egg. Let me recommend pastrami, which you have to grill a little too.

The Roethlisburger
Big Ben has taken the city by storm and these burgers belong at any Steelers tailgate.They can also be made into small, White Castle-style burgers and served as a side dish. Yes, that’s right…I said a side dish.

Chipped Chopped Ham Barbeques
Kate has her recipe, my mom has hers and there are several others out there too. Experiment and find one that you like. Again, why not make them slider-sized and either as apps or sides 🙂

Pittsburgh Salad
 We don’t like vegetables without finding a way to make them unhealthy. Basically, take whatever salad you want, add grilled steak or chicken (if you want), shredded provolone (not the good aged stuff) and add fries. Drown in your favorite dressing (ranch is my choice on this salad)


Klondike Bars
Not everyone knows this, but Klondikes originated in the ‘burgh.

Steelers-Style Banana Splits
This isn’t traditional. In fact, I’m just making it up off the top of my head…but it’s the best way to get black and gold dessert items together. Make your standard banana split, but with the following changes:

  • Replace the strawberry ice cream with rocky road or vanilla-chocolate chip
  • Lose the strawberry topping and use more pineapple or hot fudge
  • Throw on an extra banana, just because they are good


Steel-Town Shakes
Make a banana milkshake, drop in some chocolate chips and a swirl of chocolate sauce…and you have a black and gold shake…

Iron City Beer
It’s not the only local beer, but for Pittsburgh Steelers’ games, it’s the beer of choice of any true fan.

There you have it. I plan to make most, if not all, of the items on this list. They will all be delicious as I watch the Steelers dominate, decimate and demoralize the Seahawks. GO STEELERS!

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