Boy what a game! I’m still waiting for Ben to really show up, but the D played a good game and held when it had to, Antwaan Randel El did what the great playmakers do — made a big play, and Hines deserves the MVP award even if he had a couple uncharacteristic drops.

Jerome Bettis, you’ve given Pittsburgh ten great seasons. It’s been a pleasure watching you punish defenses and I look forward to seeing you pound your way into the Hall of Fame as well.

RburgerNow to all things culinary. Since there were just four of us (I can’t watch big games like this with big groups of non-believers) I stuck with making my own rendition of Roethlisburgers that I made a bit more healthy by using ground turkey and fresh chicken sausage from Wild By Nature. Delicious and at least a little more guilt-free than the originals. We also had pierogies sauteed with butter and caramelized onions….and a lot if I.C. Light beer.

MatthewsI’m also happy to report that, with the big win, the Steelers won me this bottle of wine from the Culinary Fool. Unfortunately, her post (and the congratulatory email she sent me) were so gracious that I just can’t bring myself to talk the post-game trash that I had planned…damn you Brenda.

As she mentions in her post, I certainly will enjoy and appreciate this bottle.

All in all, a tremendous season and a memorable Super Bowl win. I was four years old for the last one, so I’m glad to have one that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Now that we’ve won one for the thumb, let’s start on the other hand next year.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank my lovingly tolerant wife for putting up with my psychotic Steelers-related behavior over the last forever. Thanks for not having me sent away…