And a bottle of Matthew Cellars 2001 Columbia Valley Red, compliments of the Culinary Fool and her Seattle Seahawks losing in the Super Bowl.

Seattlewrapping_1We had a bet, and my winnings arrived yesterday. As you can see above and to the right, B tried to cover up her obvious shame by burying the bottle in Seahawks gear. She’s a gracious loser, I’ll give her that. I think Ben Roethlisbeagle will enjoy ripping the wrist bands to shreds. (Just teasing, I know a Seahawks fan here at the office I think he has kids. So they’ll get the gear most likely). And the wrist bands are actually a nice touch for protecting the bottl as well. Nicely done, B.

The bottle is now resting comfortably (sans bands) in my wine fridge for future enjoyment.

I think Wesley Snipes said it best…"Always bet on black" (and gold). Go Steelers.