Posts Written OnMarch 16, 2006

Taking a Look and Long Island Rose

What an awesome weekend I have coming up. Sunday morning, I’m holding a rose tasting panel at Pellegrini Vineyards’ to explore the different styles of rose/pink/blush wine being crafted here on Long Island. Joining me on the tasting panel will be both Wine Chicks, Dr. Vino, the Wine Goddess and John, currently of Pellegrini Vineyards and soon-to-be head winemaker at Shinn Estate Vineyeyards. Right now I’ve assembled almost twenty wines for us to try. We won’t be grading or rating the wines. Instead, we’ll explore their differences and try to identify similarities (if there are any). The other exciting part…

Eric Asimov Joins the Blogosphere

Eric Asimov, chief wine critic of the New York Times has made the leap into wine blogging with a blog titled The Pour. Interesting. Very interesting indeed. I’ve always respected Eric’s writing and his knowledge of both wine and food (even if I don’t always agree with what he has to say) and I think it lends credence to the power of blogs that people like Eric are joining the fray. How is this going to change wine blogging as a whole? I think that remains to be seen, but I think that bloggers who want to make a name…

Coming Soon: Riesling to the Third Power

Three of the Finger Lakes’ most respected wineries, Anthony Road Wine Co., Fox Run Vineyards and Red Newt Wine Cellars are jointly launching a dry Riesling named Tierce (a reference to the wine’s theme of three). Tierce will be released at a dinner at Red Newt on May 5. I’m hoping to find some way to get there for it. I really like the label and get this — they’ve used a screw cap on it. Get more information.