ColdplayThere wasn’t any wine involved, but Nena and I had a fun night anyway (I know, hard to believe that a wineless night can be fun!)

I bought Nena tickets to Coldplay at Nassau Coliseum for Xmas and while there was wine available, who wants to drink Beringer from small plastic screwcap bottles? Not me. Nena even drank beer instead, which never happens.

Richard Ashcroft (front man for the Verve) opened the show and was pretty good. I would have liked it better had he not finished his set with the Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony. I’m not a big fan of that song at all.

I’m no music critic and this was only the second concert I’ve ever been to, but the show was really really good. I like Coldplay, but wondered how their sometimes lullabye-esque music would translate live.

Awesome. It was harder and louder (two things I like in music) than I expected. Great show. Great entertainers…and actually talented.