50in50_200_1Here on LENNDEVOURS, I bring you, my devoted (I hope) readers, the best of what New York’s wine regions have to offer, but as a weekly contributor to Wine Sediments, I’ve expanded that scope inThe Vines Less Tasted, a weekly column that focuses on lesser-known regions and lesser-known grapes.

With wine being produced in every state of the union, there are so many wines out there beyond those made in California, Oregon, Washington and, yes, New York. I don’t even need to leave our shores for material.

So, it is with great pleasure and excitement that I annouce that I will taste, and write about, wines from all 50 states over the next 50 weeks.

Of course, as fun as I think this project will be, it is not one without potential challenges.

How will I know which wines capture the essence of any given state? Will I be able to find wines made from fruit grown in every state? I think that’s important.

And most daunting of all — will I be able to navigate our country’s ever-changing interstate shipping laws?

No matter what, you can count on me to bring the wines of the U.S. into your office, home office, living room, kitchen…wherever your computer may be. There should be a lot of interesting and unique wines featured. I mean, who wouldn’t want to try, at least once, a wine made from freshly harvested pineapple?

Keep an eye on Wine Sediments. The 50 States – 50 Weeks event kicks off the first week of May. That will give me a few weeks to get some of the logistical issues resolved.

In the mean time, if you know of a meticulous muscadine producer in Alabama, a maker of brilliant baco noir in Wisconsin or any other wine in any other state that I should target let me know.