Oh boy. How sad is it that the founder of WBW missed his own event?

Blame it on a much-more-damaged-than-we-thought subfloor in our bathroom (see pictures). It took us almost a whole day just to get the subfloor stablized enough to start the project. So, I’m a couple days behind on this renovation and WBW passed me by.

But, we did drink the wine for the event, a bottle of Atwater Estate Vineyards 2003 Gewurtztraminer ($18).

It was consumed over a quick dinner in the middle of work…so I don’t have full notes this time around. But, it’s an easy-drinking style gewurtz (Nena liked it and she usually doesn’t like gewurz) that seemed to have just a touch of residual sugar. I like this wine as well…but I prefer my gewurtz bone dry, racy and spicy.

Keep your eyes out for May’s WBW announcement, it’s going to be a culinary blog first. It’s a secret for now though 🙂