NytlogoMany of you have already seen it (and emailed me about it) but being in meetings all afternoon kept my eyes from Eric Asimov’s story about some Long Island wines he tasted recently at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor.

Let’s just say that I think he’s much more on target with this story than the last time he wrote about Long Island wines.

It’s nice to see a respected wine writer like Eric say good things about these "older" vintages. Along with the contention that LI wines are too expensive, lack of cellar worthiness is the other complain I often hear and read about — sometimes even from people inside the industry.

Looking at the wines tasted, I’m sad to report that I’ve only tasted on of them, Wolffer’s 1994 chardonnay (and I happen to have a magnum of the wine myself). Sounds like I should drink it soon. Maybe I’ll take it to California with me later this month.

Regardless of the fact that I haven’t tasted the others, I’m in no way surprised by those particular wines. The winemakers involved are among the most respected locally and they are still making many of the best wines. Most of my other favorites haven’t been around long enough to offer up wines from the 1995 vintage.

Just like in another other region, there’s a lot of plonk being produced here. But there are age-worthy, dare I say world-class, wines as well.

Vintage and producer matters definitely matters though.

Hopefully Eric will follow up this story with something on this blog The Pour. He tends to go deeper into topics and tell readers more.