Posts Written OnJune 16, 2006

Wine Sediments: Hawaiian Pineapple Wine

Today over at Wine Sediments, the 50 in 50 project continues with a trip to Hawaii’s Tedeschi Vineyards. Yeah, they grow grapes in Hawaii, but the wine I tasted is made from fresh pineapple. Unlike a lot of wine geeks, I’m far from anti-fruit wine. In fact, I’ve had some truly amazing ones. Sure, they aren’t "fine wine" in the traditional sense, but snobbery is never a good thing. Check it out today.

WBW #22 Roundup Posted

So how did everyone do with their low-alcohol red wines? Looks to me like it went pretty well — better than some people expected for sure. Tim and Winecast has posted his round-up of Wine Blogging Wendesday #22. Check it out…there are some interesting wines on the list to be sure. And, keep your blog-reading eyes peeled next week for the annoucment about WBW #23, which features a great seasonal theme.